Salemi, Trapani, Sicily, Italy.

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Salemi Archaeological Survey
Written by Administrator   
Wednesday, 13 February 2013 18:57

Salemi Archaeological Survey

Bumped in to Professor Dr Knolb (Northern Illinois University, USA) in Salemi the other day, for years he has been organizing archaeological digs in the surrounding Salemi area with American students. So just thought I would publish a link to his Salemi Archaeological Survey. I must make a visit to the Archaelogical Museum which he opened here in Salemi last year.

Mafia Exposed
Written by Administrator   
Wednesday, 16 January 2013 20:19

Thanks to Mafia Exposed and its planned visit to Salemi to visit the Mafia Museum. If you too fancy visiting the Mafia museum on your next visit to Sicily, let me know via the contact form, oh and if you fancy staying on the Castle square right next to the Mafia Museum, a roman castle and the old church in real Sicily then you can book to stay at our holiday house in Sicily in Salemi on airbnb. 

Last Updated ( Wednesday, 16 January 2013 22:02 )
3 Commissioners at Salemi
Written by Administrator   
Thursday, 24 May 2012 06:59

Here at Salemi further to Mr Sgarbi's departure and Mr Serio's interim 2 month stict, Salemi now has inherited 3 official Commissioners whom will be responsible for the Salemi council administration from 18-36 months depending on results.

The 3 presented themselves to the press ....which can be viewed here on YouTube at " title="teleBS" href="/">Salemi 3 Commissioners published by telelBS

Its in Italian so after i have watched & listened to it i will write a resume if they said anything important.

Last Updated ( Thursday, 24 May 2012 07:18 )
Salemi Kims Video LA Weekly
Written by Administrator   
Thursday, 13 September 2012 06:47

The LA Weekly reporter Karina Longworth reports on "What happened to Kim's Video collection?" the New York VHS collection transferred to Salemi in Sicily, Italy by Kim Yong.

Karina opens the article in what appears a rather negative outlook on Salemi and the city's management of Mondo Kims Video , until she digs deeper and discovers "Kim's centre" where digitization is "work in progress".

An interesting lengthy article highlighting life in Salemi and Italianisms and interesting reading for those interested in Salemi.

Salemi 2012 more details
Written by Administrator   
Wednesday, 04 April 2012 08:11

The word “polemicist” was invented for people like Vittorio Sgarbi, the conservative art critic and, until last February, mayor of Salemi, Sicily. A typically polarizing Sgarbism came during the winter holidays when he announced—echoes of “bunga bunga”—that his vice mayor should be a young woman with no political strings attached.

Ever the curator, Sgarbi opened a Mafia museum in the heart of Salemi’s historic centre in 2010. More Halloween spook-house than cultural institution, the attraction that bore a blood-splattered logo was made adults-only after the “slaughterhouse cabin” display reportedly sickened two visitors.

To his credit, the mayor refused a judge’s order to remove a newspaper blowup from the museum’s wall depicting the arrest of Salemi natives Ignazio and Nino Salvo. Nino’s widow had made the initial request, adding that her husband, though indicted, had died days before his trial. (The Salvo cousins, entombed in the town cemetery, were decidedly mafiosi by investigation.)

Last Updated ( Thursday, 24 May 2012 07:16 )
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