Salemi, Trapani, Sicily, Italy.

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Sgarbi Mayor : Threats to Resign ?
Written by Administrator   
Wednesday, 03 February 2010 10:05

Vittorio Sgarbi the current mayor of Salemi whom has put Salemi on the global map has announced he may resign. Since his appointment in July 2008 Sgarbi a popular Italian critic of, officially, art but also of almost anything is regularly seen on national Italian TV expressing his views.

 Regionally in Sicily his campaign against wind turbines has generated opposition from the Sicilian “politicians”. Locally in Salemi his key project “1 euro houses” has struggled to take off due to local administration issues.

His good work is been attacked from every angle, only recently he is under investigation by the Italian authorities for personal use of the council car.

His patience is running out and stated “If in my official role as the mayor I am to suffer from official investigations for such minor things as the use of a council car that transports me to and fro then I will resign.”

His reaction has triggered national support for him to stay. Some have said he must not give in to local “businessmen” or the campaign for a democratic Sicily is over.

Editors comment:  Sgarbi should have been aware that operating in Sicily was going to be difficult. The car investigation is simply part of a campaign to harass him, there has been and there will be more. If he quits then the campaigners win their fight. He is doing a good job for Salemi and the image of Sicily. A man of his calibre should not be deterred by local issues but he should see the bigger picture and continue. We also need to remember that Sgarbi is a self promotion marketing guru and this could simply be a bluff to draw attention to his own brand and to put Salemi under the spotlight prior to the launch of his many initiatives that are finally due to be launched including the 1 euro house and the 150 year Garibaldi celebrations.

Last Updated ( Wednesday, 03 February 2010 13:02 )
Salaam Iran a Salemi
Written by Administrator   
Saturday, 23 January 2010 18:48

Salaam Iran a Salemi

A weekend titled “Salaam Iran - Incontri/scontri sulla cultura persiana a Salemidedicated to Persian culture in Salemi with exhibitions, films and discussions on Iran offering visitors to learn and understand about the Persian culture.

Following the recent Salemi council initiative to dedicate a street in the historic town to the student’s of Tehran called “Via Studenti di Teheran”.Vittorio Sgarbi, the mayor of Salemi, continues to promote Salemi where historically the 3 religions of Christian, Jewish and Muslim lived in peace.

Following the success of today’s events Vittorio Sgarbi has announced that there is a project to build a Mosque and to open an international school of mosaic restoration in Salemi. Further details will be announced by Sgarbi during the closing event of the weekend Sunday evening in the mayor’s residence over a Sicilian-Persian dinner.

Artisitic director of the weekend’s events are Franca Paoli and Dario Colombo.

Editor’s comment : Interestingly recently Sgarbi also took the Salemi brand to Jerusalem. Maybe he is positioning himself as the global peace maker and after Obama’s Nobel peace prize. It would be interesting to see what Ahmadinejad has to say.

Last Updated ( Saturday, 23 January 2010 18:55 )
Salemi in Jerusalem
Written by Administrator   
Sunday, 06 December 2009 14:12

Salemi brand present in Jerusalem & Bethlehem in the Holy Land.

Vittorio Sgarbi the Salemi mayor continues to promote Salemi. The Salemi brand will be present in Jeruslaem at the “Festival di Arti e mestieri Antichi della tradizione italiana” that is the “Festival of Art and Ancient trades of traditional Italy”.

Following successful recent religious events in Salemi such as the “Religious Film Festival” and the “Jewsih & Israeli cultural festival” promoting the traditional Jewish quarter “quartiere Giudecca” in Salemi, Sgarbi rebuilds on Salemi’s Jewish roots present since 1492.

The festival in Jerusalem takes place from Monday 7th December till Sunday 13th 2009.

Salemi will be present on Tuesday 8th December 2009 with the “Cene di San Giuseppe”. The “Saint Joseph dinners” is a Salemi festival which takes place every 19th March when church altars are decorated with handmade decorative bread, wine, fruit and loral branches, symbolic representation of the last supper.


Last Updated ( Sunday, 06 December 2009 14:43 )
Salemi municipal building 1 million euro refurbishment
Written by Administrator   
Thursday, 07 January 2010 10:32

Salemi council has appointed a company from Marsala for the 1 million euro restoration of

the old Salemi municipal building in Piazza Dittatura. A positive sign by the Salemi council in

its preparation for the 150 years celebrations of Garibaldi's unification of Italy.

The restoration has to be completed by April 2010 when the 150 years celebrations start.

Tenders for the contract were open to application during the month of November 2009.

Just proves Salemi council can act quickly when they have the funds allocated from the Sicilian

regional government. Lets hope the 1 euro property project will materialise shortly.

Watch here for further developments.

Last Updated ( Thursday, 07 January 2010 10:44 )
Salemi Jewish Festival
Written by Administrator   
Tuesday, 24 November 2009 11:19

Salemi 3 days dedicated to Israel and Jewish culture this weekend 26/11 – 28/11/09.

Salemi once had the largest Jewish community in Sicily and still today there is an area of the town known as the Jewish quarter “quartiere della Guidecca”. But why here in Salemi ? Organisers say that it will be an occasion to reflect on the complexity and wealth of the Jewish community by cultural, artistic and religious dialogue. During the festival there will be films, exhibitions, conferences, musical & theatrical shows and religious activities. All the events apart from those that fall on Saturday the Sabbath are organised by the young Hebrew society of Italy.

Key highlights of the weekend are:

  • The inauguration of “Tehran Student Street” a street in Salemi dedicated to the students of Tehran.
  • The launch of 2 new Salemi wine brands : 1: “Vittorio the nouveau Garibaldi” : A brand dedicated to the current mayor as the new (novello wine) Garibaldi, whom united Italy in Salemi. 2: “Salemi 1860” :  A brand celebrating the year in which Garibaldi united Italy with his 1000 men army. In fact production will be limited to 1000 numbered bottles.

Both wine brands are marketed for the Garibaldi 150 years celebration of the unification of Italy in Salemi.

There are some very interesting Jewish properties on the market here in Salemi, if you require further details contact MIPC for property in Salemi.

Last Updated ( Tuesday, 24 November 2009 11:48 )
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